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KeADILan Candidate's Son Manhandled by BN Supporters in Putrajaya
By Raja Petra Kamarudin

Abdul Rahman Othman, Parti Keadilan Nasionalís candidate for the Parliament seat of Putrajaya (P125), will be lodging an official complaint to the Returning Officer at noon today (Tuesday, 16 March 2004) at the Election Commission office at Precinct Eight (8), Putrajaya. This complaint is about an incident involving his seconder, Fathullah Uzir Abdullah.

On Sunday, 13 March 2004, around 1.30am or so, a group of Umno members went to Uzirís house and asked him to follow them for a meeting with Ďcertain peopleí. They hinted that his wife, who works for the government, may be penalised if he refuses their request.

Fearing retaliation against his wife, Uzir followed them, which turned out to be a joyride that finally ended with the Umno members bringing him to meet the political secretary of the Barisan Nasional candidate for Putrajaya, Tenkgu Adnan.

Tengku Adnanís political secretary tried to persuade Uzir to openly declare his resignation from keADILan and to join Umno. They told Uzir that his wife would then not suffer any retaliation and that he would be given a large sum of money plus government contracts with further prospects of owning a Petronas petrol station that is soon to be set up in Putrajaya.

Uzir said he would think about it and that he would discuss it with his wife first after which then sent him home around 5.00am.

The following day, on Monday, 14 March 2004, Uzir made a police report on the incident.

This angered the Umno supporters who yesterday beat up Abdul Rahmanís son, Abdullah. Another police report has also been made with regards to this incident. The police, however, have taken no action thus far on both incidents.

Raja Petra Kamarudin
Director, Free Anwar Campaign - 16.03.2004
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